It’s my pleasure to express a gratitude to all Pharmacy Professionals in the world who are serving as Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician. Health is precious for all human beings as will as other living beings. Pharmacy service is a vital and important to expand healthy life of the living beings in this universe. 

Money is pretty close to the pharmacy profession. Pharmacy services are most powerful social services rather than business.  But today it is powerful business rather than social services due to involvement of huge number of businessman in this profession in the world that cause unethical behavior and practices (unusual price hike) in pharmacy.

Growing population and poverty in the world leads community to suffer from scarcity of medicine in their day to day life. A scientific chain pharmacy is one that can fulfill the needs of the patient as per their health status, that is rational distribution and rational use of medicine. So, it is very powerful profession, which can satisfy all the needs of good health services and save all the living beings.

XENO is the first of its kind to introduce chain community pharmacy in Nepal. XENO has across many up and down hills during a decade of its history in pharmacy profession to establish successful community pharmacy. XENO has gather lots of appreciation and awards from different organization due to excellent pharmacy services in the community.

To share all the experience about the community pharmacy, XENO has establish a community pharmacy website www.xenopharmacist.com in 2009.

The main concepts of this website are;

To help people who seek for pharmacy services.

To help people who are in hospital.

To aware public about pharmacy services and activities

To make people self activeness in identification and uses of quality Medicine

To give concept Health is Wealth. (Precautions, Non drug health tips)


Your appreciation will give us energy and feedbacks will give bless. 

I appreciate all follower and lovers of xenopharmacist.com.  




Xeno's Staff

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